Special Events

Flashpoint will be holding a Parent's Night Out on Thursday, Dec. 15th from 5p-8p! Leave your kids with us and go

out to dinner, get some Christmas shopping done, or simply just have some time for you! Kids will have dinner and lots

of activities to choose from: crafts, reading, movies, games...Only $15 per potty trained child. We do ask you to

pre-register by emailing or calling Jenn AuClair at jennauclair@gmail.com / 315-402-4316

St. Stephen's Church
Roman Catholic
St. Stephen's Church
469 Main Street
Phoenix, NY 13135
Phone: (315) 695-4531
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Email: ststephenphoenix@syrdio.org




Saturday Masses:
5:30 pm

Saturday at 4:45 PM - 5:15 PM

Sunday Masses:
9:30 AM

Daily Masses:
Monday - Friday 7:45 AM except Thursday