Priest Sacristy Window

A sacristy is a room set aside for the retaining of vestments and the various items and vessels used at Mass. It is also the room in which the priest vests and prepares for Mass. The symbol to the left is the standard representation of the Eucharist; namely, wheat representing the host, grapes the wine, and the chalice used at Mass. To the right is the symbol for Holy Orders - the chalice, the book, and the priest vestment known as the stole. During the Rite of Ordination of a Priest the young man is invested with a stole to signify he is going to take upon his shoulders the work of Christ. He also receives the book as a sign of the priest's office or duty to preach and teach. The chalice is also handed to the young man referring to the power to offer Mass, to consecrate bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ.


St. Stephen's Church
Roman Catholic
St. Stephen's Church
469 Main Street
Phoenix, NY 13135
Phone: (315) 695-4531




Monday at 1:00 PM

Sunday Mass:
10:30 AM

Daily Masses:
Monday 8 am St. Stephen's
Tuesday 8 am Holy Trinity
Wednesday 8 am St. Stephen's
Thursday 8 am Holy Trinity
First Fridays 8 am Holy Trinity