Our Stained Glass Windows

St. Dominic

Born in Spain in 1170, he devoted himself to the work of his own sanctification, symbolized by the lilies in his left hand. He then led a very active life preaching the Gospel, symbolized by the book in his right hand. He lectured on theology and established many houses of his Order. A companion of his in our windows and in life was St. Francis with whom he shared the common qualities of faith, charity, and humility. Dominic died in 1221.

St. Francis

Born in Assisi, Italy in 1182. As a youth he loved pleasure and fine clothes. But, he renounced his wealth and earthly possessions and led a life of extreme poverty. Francis established a number of religious orders based on his life of simplicity, love, and poverty. God reserved for him the Stigmata, the very marks of the crucified Savior. St. Francis died in 1226, two years after receiving the Stigmata.

St. Paul

Born in Cilicia, in Asia Minor, his Hebrew name was Saul. By education and zeal he was ardently attached to Jewish Pharisaic traditions and observances to the point of greatly persecuting the early Christians. Converted by a miracle, he became the staunch defender of Christianity. After years of long travel and great hardships preaching the faith, St. Paul reached the reward of his apostleship in Rome, where, in 67 A.D., he gained the crown of martyrdom. He is depicted with a scroll to represent his many letters and a sword. When the sword points upward, it is symbolic of his militant preaching. Pointing downward, it refers to his crucifixion head downward as he did not deem himself worthy to die as Jesus did.

St. Peter

The fisherman by the name of Simon and his brother, Andrew, were called to be Apostles. Jesus changed his name to Peter, a name meaning rock, the foundation on which He built His Church. Peter thus became the head of the apostles and the first Pope, symbolized by the "Keys of the Kingdom" entrusted to him. The book in his hand refers to the preaching Peter did in spreading the faith. Like St. Paul, Peter died in Rome in 67 by being crucified head downward.


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