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St. Joseph - Patron of the Universal Church

Joseph was the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the foster father of the Lord. In the main picture we see Joseph with a tool of his carpenter trade and also his budding staff which by legend is a sign of his favor by God to be the husband for Mary. To the left is a lily which represents the innocence and purity of heart of Joseph. He reveals to us the perfect model of the true Christian. To the right is one of the traditional signs of the Resurrection and refers to the fact that Joseph is the patron of a happy death.

St. Catherine of Sienna

Born in 1347, she became one of the most remarkable women of her time. At the age of 18, she received the habit of the third Order of St. Dominic. The symbol to the right refers to the commitment of her heart to the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in the religious life. To the left is the symbol of the mustard seed which refers to her work in spreading the faith and bringing many souls to Christ. Along with the gifts of her heart were the gifts of her mind, whereby she served as an advisor even to the Pope. She was also blessed by the personal reception of the stigmata - the wounds in our Lord's hands, feet, and side which became evident to all after her death at the age of 33.


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