Our Stained Glass Windows

St. Patrick - Patron of Ireland

The date and place of his birth are uncertain - perhaps 387. At age 16 he was carried off as a slave into Ireland. He eventually escaped and after ordination in 432, Bishop Patrick, began his mission of winning the pagan nation of Ireland to Christ. To the right - the symbol of faith which he planted and spread in Ireland. To the left - the shamrock - its three leaflets on one stem represent the three persons in one God. Patrick used it to explain the Trinity.

St. Michael - Archangel

In the Book of Revelation, St. John recounts the great battle in Heaven, when the wicked angels under Lucifer revolted against God. Michael, leading the faithful angels, defeated the forces of evil and drove them out. He is revered in Catholic tradition and liturgies as the protector of the Church. The symbol to the left represents the Triumph of the Gospel - the forces of evil in our world will not prevail. To the right is the sword and dragon, the traditional emblem of Michael's victory over Satan.


St. Stephen's Church
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