The Story of Our St. Stephen Window

St. Stephens Church

St. Stephen is first mentioned in the Scriptures in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, chapters six and seven. He is listed among seven men who were chosen to serve the early Christian community by taking care of the temporal and charitable affairs. This served to free up the Apostles so that they would not "neglect the preaching of God's word in order to handle finances."

Stephen is described as a man of faith and the Holy Spirit. He and his six companions were prayed over by the Apostles and ordained by the imposition of hands. The title deacon, meaning "to minister," came to be linked with their function.

Gradually the role of deacon moved into the spiritual realm. Stephen, in particular, spoke with great vigor about Jesus Christ, and in doing so drew upon himself the wrath of the Jewish priestly class. He was falsely accused of blasphemy, and though Stephen presented and defended himself ably, they invoked the Jewish death penalty of stoning him.

Stephen, full of "grace and fortitude" to the very end, met the great test without flinching, praying to the Lord to receive his spirit and not to lay this sin against the people. He became the first martyr in the year 35 A.D.

Stephen is pictured carrying three stones, symbolic of his martyrdom by being stoned to death. He is referred to as the patron of stonemasons.

The symbol to the right, the red banner and palms, represents martyrdom.

The symbol to the left, a harp, conveys the notion of praise. While not directly referring to Stephen, the symbol was chosen because of its location in the stairway to our choir loft. The choir greatly enhances our worship and praise of God.


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